The 2p Game

Lucy Roberts
Guide Guider

Setting: Indoors or outdoors

Equipment: 2p coin (or dollar, quarter, pfennig, or any other coin you have at hand)



The girls scatter in the playing space - you need a defined space, that is not too large (or the game goes on for ever!), we use a tennis court size for about 20.

The leader (or girl who is "IT") holds a coin & stands in the middle "IT" tosses the coin.

If it is "heads" then the players move 2 jumps (see above) in any direction.
If it is "tails" then "IT" moves one pace in any direction.

The aim of the game is for "IT" to "tag" another player by touching any part of them with their hand.

To "tag" another player, "IT" can reach out in any direction etc, but ONE foot must remain in its original place.

Players can of course try to move their body out of reach, but BOTH feet must stay in their original place!

(Resourceful older girls soon figure out that they should go for the feet when trying to tag as they cannot move & also how to make their reach longer by lying down etc!)

This is great fun, requires a minimum of equipment (and we all have a coin of some sort don't we!) & can be done in virtually any space! (We have played it in a marquee at a wet camp, in a car park while waiting for a late bus, in the meeting room, even in a swimming pool!

If space is limited, restrict or change the size of moves each person can make!)