Safely Putting Names on T-Shirts

Mary Ann McKenney
6th grade Juniors, 1st grade Brownies
Marietta, Georgia

I have always been adamant that my children do not wear their names where anyone could see them and use that to lure them away. (The fact that neither of my daughters has ever met a stranger - the world is full of friends they haven't met yet - is a large part of the reason for this).

Several years ago when my troop were 2nd grade Brownies, we made t-shirts with handprints of all the girls in the troop. [there were 10 children's handprints on the front - and four adult handprints on the back, each in a different color]. I wanted to able to tell at a glance whose shirt was whose without some weirdo being able to do that - so, we painted each child's name in blue under each handprint. For the child whose shirt it was, the name was gold not blue.

So Katy's name was gold on Katy's shirt (and blue on everyone else's). Lauren's name was gold on Lauren's shirt (and blue on everyone else's). My name was gold on my shirt - and blue on everyone else's.

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