Activities for Bridging to Pathfinders

Linda Pullen
1st Thorburn Guides
Nova Scotia

When I was Pathfinder and Guide Guider a few years back, we were the only Pathfinder group for the Area, so we would invite all 3rd year Guides to an open evening. We usually started with a short business meeting to show them how it worked.

One time we had a Green night- with green Bingo, Green scavenger hunt, we made a craft of a Pathfinder arrow with tiny beads on a safety pin, and of course green food and drink.

Another time, we gave the girls mini Pathfinder sashes made of fun foam (camp hat size) and they went round 4 stations run by the girls who chose fun challenges from each pathway. That was a lot of fun and we even recruited some new Pathfinder leaders from that. These new leaders carried on the tradition of inviting all 3rd year Guides and my 1 3rd year came back really excited about going to Pathfinders.

Last year we wanted to try a bridging camp for 3rd years and Pathfinders - we got lots of interest from Leaders and Senior Branch girls but not enough from the girls. It was going to be 5 night camp on a Spy theme- I'm not sure why that didn't appeal to them.