A Tree You Can Eat

used by permission
from Owls and Toadstools
Issue no.111, Winter 1992-1993

a Tree you can eat!

You need:

It is really fun to make gingerbread houses, but the cost of materials is very high. Edible trees are equally satisfying to make, and can be available for each girl.

Give each girl a 150cm square of wax paper, over a piece of firm cardboard or corrugated cardboard, covered with foil (this makes it easer to carry home). Set the cone, with pointed end upwards, on the paper. If it is unsteady set it in a ring of frosting.

Spread green frosting all over the cone, using a small spatula or a blunt knife. Hold the cone at the tip until nearly covered. Stiff frosting spreads more easily if you dip the spatula in water. Do not make the frosting too runny! Decorate with silver balls, small candies and sugar decorations. Drizzle white frosting over the tip.


Used by permission from Owls and Toadstools, Issue no.111, Winter 1992-1993

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