Snowflake Table Decorations

used by permission
from Owls and Toadstools
Issue no.111, Winter 1992-1993

Snowflake Table Decorations

Most children know how to make snowflakes, and these are no different. However, they must be cut carefully, and they are small. If you have one of those cubes of paper that are sold to make quick notes on, use that. Otherwise square white paper that is no more than 4 inches or 10 cms along one edge. You also need bright coloured paper, such as origami paper or construction paper - red and green for Christmas. (Use other colours if a different theme)

  1. Start with a square of white paper and sharp scissors.
  2. Fold one point to opposite point. Crease fold firmly. (triangle shape)
  3. Fold and crease again.
  4. Fold and crease again.
  5. With fold at bottom, make cuts into the folds.
  6. Be careful not to cut through to the other fold.
  7. Open very carefully.
  8. Glue onto dark colour construction paper - stunning!

Remember - use sharp scissors.

Cut in one direction, don't turn the scissors during a cut - turn the paper around.


Used by permission from Owls and Toadstools, Issue no.111, Winter 1992-1993

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