Eat Green Grow Green

used by permission
from Guidestuff and Green Machine
Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue


Eat Green

Have a tasting party of new or unusual fruits and vegetables - use only green ones, such as kiwi fruit, cactus pear, guava, honeydew melon, lime, green grapes, avocado, bean sprouts, ugly fruit, Chinese pears, papaya, Chinese peas, Savoy cabbage, Chinese lettuce, and many more.....


Grow Green

The following was a contest held by "Guidestuff and Green Machine" in their Green Week Issue, Nov.1986 no.81.  This would be a great idea for Pathfinder units, or girls of any age level.

It would be appropriate, during GREEN WEEK (ed. note - that was Nov.2-8,1986), to start growing something green for the winter months.

When we were planning this issue of GUIDESTUFF, we thought we would have a sweet potato vine growing contest. However - I tried it myself, carefully following Karen's instructions - BUT - either sweet potatoes are treated with an anti-growing chemical OR I have black fingers, because mine would not grow. So, I decided it would not be fair to burden you with a contest that might fail miserably!

So, the contest is to grow ANYTHING GREEN - keep a bought plant alive, start something from seed such as a herb, try a sweet potato vine if you like (cut in half, place cut side down on a saucer, keep moist), take a cutting from another plant, grow an avocado seed, or a potato filled with grass seed - ANYTHING you like!

Keep a record of what you do, record the changes, write down the reactions of others to your plant, measure its growth, take a photo or draw a sketch.


Used by permission from Guidestuff and Green Machine, Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue

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