Green Notepaper

used by permission
from Guidestuff and Green Machine
Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue


Green Notepaper

Have you ever made notepaper, printed with leaves?

First, go out and find some little leaves such as strawberry, clover, fern, yarrow, etc. - look for delicate leaves with interesting texture.

Use stamp pads - new ones are best - green, of course! 

Lightly coloured papers are particularly attractive when printed - with matching envelopes they make good bazaar items and gifts.

Print by picking up the leaf, with a small sandwich bag on your hands.
Press the leaf into the stamp pad, then press on to the notepaper. 
The bag protects your fingers from ink stains. 
Practise on scrap paper until you develop a neat technique.

For selling, package your notepaper, with the design showing, in plastic bags.

Used by permission from Guidestuff and Green Machine, Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue

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