Green Quiz - answers

used by permission
from Guidestuff and Green Machine
Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue

Are you SURE you want to look at these??

Did you really, really try to get the answers???

Okay, here they are.....

1. a dollar bill (slang) - GREENback

2. a tenderfoot (Old West) - GREENhorn

3. a lifesaver flavour - winterGREEN

4. an anti-nuclear organization - GREENpeace

5. an old folk song - GREEN grow the rushes O

6. a place where mean time is kept zero degrees longitude - GREENwich

7. a European plum-like fruit - GREENgage

8. an old tv show - GREEN acres

9. clothes for St. Patricks Day - wearin' o' the GREEN

10. a tree or shrub that doesn't lose its leaves - everGREEN

11. a glass house in which delicate plants are grown - GREENhouse

12. a large island to the northeast of Canada - GREENland

13. an old, sad love ballad - GREENsleeves

14. foliage or vegetation - GREENery

15. where the putting hole is on a golf course - GREEN

16. a public piece of grassy land in the middle of a small settlement - village GREEN

17. a retail dealer in vegetables (in UK) - GREENgrocer

18. where plays are often read, in a theatre - GREENroom

19. from a tree that is still growing - GREEN wood

20. the colour of the boat that the Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in - Pea GREEN

ALL of the answers to the quiz contain the word GREEN.

Used by permission from Guidestuff and Green Machine, Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue

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