Green Trefoils

used by permission
from Guidestuff and Green Machine
Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue

Crochet a Trefoil

Chain 15, slip stitch into 5th chain stitch.

Chain 10, slip stitch into 5th chain stitch (same as before), chain 10

again, slip stitch into 5th chain stitch (same stitch again), single crochet into remaining 4 stitches, pull through.

This crocheted trefoil can be glued to felt for an attractive pin, or pinned on without a backing. You could stick it on to a card to greet a friend.

How to make trefoils

All you need is a SQUARE of paper, a pencil and scissors!

If your paper isn't square, fold one corner over until the edges match, and cut to make square.

Now, fold the square so that you have 4 equal squares (ie. fold in half, then in half again)

While folded, draw a heart shape so that the point has folded edges on both sides.

Cut out the heart.

BUT, this is a four-leaved clover! NOT a trefoil! So...draw curved lines to make a stem in one of the heart shapes, and cut excess.

Voila! A Trefoil!

GREEN Trefoil Race

adapted from an idea by Nancy Wiles

Make trefoils cut from green tissue (see above).

Pass leaves along teams by inhaling and exhaling on a drinking straw.

Neither the trefoils or the straws may be touched by the hands.

If a trefil falls to the floor, it must be picked up by the straw.

Try another times with a different shape.


Each person makes various Green paper trefoils about 15 cm wide.

Print a Guide Law on each trefoil.

Tape the trefoils together, on the back, to make a long line.

Take home - hang on your wall, as a daily reminder.


Used by permission from Guidestuff and Green Machine, Nov.1986 no.81, Green Week Issue

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