Making a Set of Pipe Chimes


To Make:

Playing Pipe Chimes:

Use familiar tunes, so you donít have to worry about rhythm. Each girl is given her chime to strike at the proper place in the song.

Hold the chime by the string; be sure nothing else is touching it to muffle the tone.

Start with simple, familiar songs, such a 'Make New Friends' or 'Happy Birthday'. Work on one line at a time until it is done correctly before moving on. The 'conductor' can use the chime numbers in place of the words while singing the melody. Se can also point at the person holding the required chime.

When the girls feel confident with the chimes, try some pieces with harmony, such as 'Kum-ba-ya'. Two or three chimes can be struck at the same time to make a chord. You can write chime numbers for any piece of music!

Print the words under the numbers so girls can keep their places in the song.

For a performance, set the notes on a table or stand in front of the girls. Make a copy of the 'music' for each chime, highlighting the places where that chime is played. It is very effective to sing the song, then play the chimes. You can also combine singing and playing.

Pipe Numbers Pipe Length
Note Name
1 13-3/8" D
2 13" D# (Eb)
3 12-5/8" E
4 12-1/4" F
5 11-7/8" F# (Gb)
6 11-1/2" G
7 11-1/4" G# (Ab)
8 10-7/8" A
9 10-5/8" A# (Bb)
10 10-1/4" B
11 9-7/8" C
12 9-5/8" C# (Db)
13 9-3/8" D
14 9-1/8" D# (Eb)
15 8-7/8" E
16 8-5/8" F
17 8-3/8" F# (Gb)
18 8-1/8" G
19 7-7/8" G# (Ab)
20 7-1/4" A



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