Overheard at Brownies

used by permission
from Owls and Toadstools
Issue no.111, Winter 1992-1993


Great Owl was talking to the Brownies about 'strangers':
"I don't want to frighten you, but to give you some useful tips in case anyone tries to pull you into a car. You should make a lot of noise, scream and yell FIRE, or yell STRANGER. Throw whatever you have with you, like a school bag, books, on the sidewalk. Also kick off your shoes. Why do you think you should kick off your shoes?
The Brownies looked thoughtful. Great Owl had in mind an answer like "So your mother would know you had been captured." But one of the youngest Brownies piped up "Because your feet would smell so bad, they wouldn't want you in the car!"


Used by permission from Owls and Toadstools, Issue no.111, Winter 1992-1993

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