Brownie Halloween Enrollment

Sheila Watson
2nd Thamesford Brownies
Thamesford, ON

Here is a Halloween Enrollment which we have done many times. The girls love it! This ceremony could be combined with a Halloween party after the enrollment. All Brownies not being enrolled are in Halloween Costume and are the "Goblins". Leaders may dress up as well.

Tweenies being enrolled are in their Brownie Suits with Black Witches hats and brooms. They are grouped together in a bunch in the center of the ring and long pieces of black crepe paper are pulled around them representing a cauldron or large pot. Fasten with good tape.

As the leaders start to speak, the Tweenies start to bob up and down as if bubbling.

All Leaders:

Rubble, rubble, toil and trouble. Our Witches Brew is starting to bubble.

Leaders make a stirring motion over the "pot" with large wooden spoons.

Brown Owl:

Goodness gracious mercy my, Our special potion is starting to rise

Leader #2:

They've finished all the required tests, that can only mean they are the best.

Leader #3:

The Goblins let our a great big cheer. (All Goblins cheer from sidelines). A special welcome for the new goblins here.

Leader #2:

Get on your broomsticks and fly down the road, To the Wise Old Owl You have Come to Know.

Leader #3:

Out of the pot and onto the land, They are heading for the magic pond.

The girls "Ride" the broomsticks and travel down the pathway to where the Toadstool and Magic Pond are waiting. Brown Owl is there and begins with the usual questions: "Halt, who goes there? We are Tweenies who would like to become Brownie Goblins.......etc.

Decorations could be orange and black streamers, orange and black balloons. Candy orange and black. Decorated table could hold pins, circle emblems, etc.

Enrollment can be followed by a Halloween Party. New Brownies should be given a chance to change into their costumes.

Parents love this as well and we have had very good feedback from them with it.

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