Sarah Beresford
Assistant Guider
1st Gatenby Guides
North Yorkshire, UK

I am an assistant Guider with the 1st Gatenby Guides at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire, England.
Last Thursday we had a games evening at our meeting, using games from your site. The Guides played People to People, Seekers, Human Knots ( which we had to play twice as the girls got into such a mess the first time. They successfully unravelled themselves the second time.) Their favourite game was Graveyard which we also had to play twice, but this time because they enjoyed it so much.
We wondered if you would be interested in one of our games?


The Guides line up in their Patrols, with an empty plate in front of them, at one end of the room.
Opposite them at the other end of the room, on a table, are plates of cooked spaghetti.
Each Guide is armed with a fork.
Each Guide takes it in turns to bring back firstly 1 string of spaghetti, then 2, then 3, 4, and 5 strings of spaghetti.
They are not allowed to use their hands and must each bring back the correct number of strings of spaghetti.

The Guide who cooked the spaghetti, unfortunately, forgot to add oil to the water and all the spaghetti stuck together.
So, the moral of the story is to remember to add oil to the spaghetti as it's cooking, or afterwards if you do forget.

We hope you like this game. We will certainly be using more of your games and ideas at our meetings

Kind Regards
Sarah Beresford
Assistant Guider 1st Gatenby Guides, North Yorkshire, UK

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