Age Level Characteristics

submitted by: Karen McNaughton
Troop 250
Girl Scout Council of Greater Saint Louis

written by: Carolyn L Kennedy

I hope the following can help some leaders besides myself. It comes from "Age-Level Characteristics" _Outdoor_Education_in_Girl_Scouting_, written by Carolyn L Kennedy. Published by GSUSA, 1996. I came across the info while planning "Basic 8" (camping skills) activities for my day camp unit. I don't think I've seen any type of summary of girl characteristics in any other training or reference materials I've collected over my five years as leader. I would assume it applies to all girls and not just American girls.

5-6 years olds

6-9 years olds


9-12 years olds


12-15 years olds


15-18 years olds

Clare Zimmermann: How about age level characteristics for adults?