A Guides Canada Sharing Story

British Columbia

A few years ago, we gathered up all extra insignia, uniforms, etc., and sent it to the Northwest Territories for the units there that had very little. Sorry, the name of the Area/Division/District escapes me at the moment, but your Provincial Guide House would probably be helpful in finding a Canadian location that can also use help.

While at an Conservantion Conference in Toronto many moons ago, I talked with a Guider from Labrador who merely smiled at the fussing some of the "big city" Guiders were doing about deadlines, etc. and told us that the first ice breaker in the Spring brings in the alcohol but the second one brings in the Girl Guide Cookies - she said they always sold theirs after all of the deadlines because they just didn't arrive in time, and that they had to pay for them long before even receiving the shipment of cookies.

At the same conference, a Guider from Tuktoyutuk (spelling may be wrong, but close) told me that she had a large box in which she put any uniform pieces she had and as each child came in the door they got to choose one piece to wear for the meeting - her pictures were full of laughing, happy Brownies, some wearing just a camp hat (along with their street clothes), some with a tie and one without her front teeth with an outdated T-shirt that was at least two sizes too small for her. She had arrived at the meeting first and had chosen the much valued t-shirt.

This experience is still with us today. - the Conference information is still in use too, but what we gained from each other - certainly enriched the time, and it meant that our Division not only sent a large box Northward, but also I try to recall the sharing when I hear the grumbles.


Robin in BC.