American Flag Lowering Ceremony

Ann Bilbrey
Brownie Leader Troop 904
Illinois Crossroads
Palatine, Illinois


Girl Scouts, attention
Color Guard, attention
Color Guard, advance


"Today as we gather, let's all keep in mind our flag and the meaning for us to find"
"The red is for the blood of Americans true, who gladly have given their lives for you"
"The white is for unity, in both thought and deed, a rule of conduct we all should heed"
"The blue is for justice for all, not just one, a freedom we fought for and early won"
"The stars are a symbol of God's guiding hand, over the union of this mighty land"
"There isn't an American our flag won't protect. Let us all now unite to show our respect."

Join us now as our colors are retired. Let us sing TAPS."


Color Guard, honor the colors
Color Guard, retire the colors
Color Guard, retreat
Color Guard, dismissed
Girl Scouts, dismissed