American Flag Raising Ceremony

Ann Bilbrey
Brownie Leader Troop 904
Illinois Crossroads
Palatine, Illinois

This ceremony is obviously American, I hope our members that are not American will bear with me a moment (maybe it can be modified? or satisfy a curiosity?) The flag etiquette was on the back of the copy of the ceremony and I thought it would of interest to those who wanted this ceremony.

I don't know where this came from, since it was a copy of a copy of a get the idea!



Girl Scouts, attention

Color Guard, attention
Color Guard, advance
Color Guard, raise the colors
Color Guard, honor your colors

Girl Scouts, the flag of your country. Pledge of Allegiance

Program: (Lead in girl blindfolded, gagged, hands fled)


"This is an American Girl"
"The American Revolution won her freedom" (untie wrists)
"The Constitution guaranteed her free speech" (remove gag)
"A free education gives her the ability to see and understand" (remove blindfold)
"Help Girl Scouting teach her to preserve and to enjoy her glorious heritage and to become a good citizen"


Please join us in singing "God Bless America"
Girl Scouts, the Girl Scout Promise
Color Guard, retreat
Color Guard, dismissed
Girl Scouts, dismissed