Kathleen Spilek
Nova Scotia _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Double sided sticky tape
Fun Foam
Clear film Canister
Mini glow sticks
Yarn and needle

Stick a 1” piece of double sided tape vertically on a film canister. On the opposite side stick two   1/4” pieces on near the top (for eyes).

Cut wing shapes out of foam and stick to the long piece of tape (decorate wings with markers if you wish). Cut two small circles for eyes. Colour with markers. Stick them on remaining tape.

Poke yarn through lid to make a loop.  Tie know inside lid.

Start one glow stick and drop in canister and put lid on. Watch them glow.

Theses were used as buddies for brownie camp. We hung them all over the bunkhouse. An alternative would be to pin them on their sleeping bags. For spark age girls I would tape the lid closed.