Autographs Mixer

Wendy Baker
Sparks Guider, Pathfinder Guider, Craft Trainer, Potential Trainer, Chair of Division Composite Camp, District Commissioner
Central Area, Ganaraska Division, Sugarbush District

INSTRUCTIONS: Select any eight of the following items by placing an "X" in front of each of your choices. During the autograph-seeking session you will be interviewing people to find one person who fits each of the ten categories or conditions that you have selected. You will then obtain that person's autograph in the appropriate space.

You must have a different autograph for each of the eight choices.


------1. Bought a new CD or tape this month________________________
------2. Likes liver and onions___________________________________
------3. Born under my astrological sign____________________________
------4. Likes to sing___________________________________________
------5. Can speak a second language fluently_______________________
------6. Enjoys working on a computer_____________________________
------7. Does aerobic exercises__________________________________
------8. Likes Chinese food_____________________________________
------9. Takes a Music Lesson after school_________________________
-----10. Knows someone in the U.S.A._____________________________
-----11. Is shy_______________________________________________
-----12. Has a job____________________________________________
-----13. Saw The Lion King at the theatre__________________________
-----14. Has been to Niagara Falls_______________________________
-----15. Plays a musical instrument_______________________________
-----16. Has a stripped shirt ____________________________________
-----17. Enjoys gardening______________________________________
-----18. Likes homework______________________________________
-----19. Can play chess_______________________________________