Back Massager

Michelle Mader
Girl Scouts of Lake Erie Council
Cleveland, Ohio, USA


  • two very long shoelaces or leather thongs (about 27" each)
  • three wooden spools (available at craft stores in different sizes, a 1" to 1 1/2" diameter spool works best).


  1. About 1/3 of the way down the laces tie them together in a square knot.
  2. String the long end of one lace through the top of the first spool and the long end of the other lace
    through the bottom of the first spool.
  3. Tie the two long ends into 1/2 of a square knot at about the middle of the spool.
  4. Thread the lace exiting the bottom of the 1st spool through the top of the 2nd spool and the lace exiting the top of the 1st spool through the bottom of the 2nd spool (in other words, you're weaving the laces through the spools.
  5. Again, tie 1/2 square knot and repeat for the 3rd spool.
  6. After 3rd spool is on the laces tie a square knot. Decorate the spools.
  7. You can, if you choose, also tie the laces together in a knot at each of the far ends of the laces to make them easier to grasp.

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