Banana Dream Boats

Marylyn Murphy
1st Pasadena Guides
Pasadena, Newfoundland

You peel down one side of the banana and we have the girls scope out and eat some of the banana. Once you have some of the banana gone, the girls can add some miniature marshmallows and chocolate pieces.

You pull back the banana skin and wrap in foil (shiny side in).

When placing in the coals, make sure that you don't leave the banana there too long, or the banana will go mushy and the girls will hate it! It is best to try and place the side that has the marshmallows and chocolate down on the coals because that is what you want melted. If you place the banana side down, it will take longer for the marshmallows and chocolate to melt and will cause the banana to cook! Our girls wouldn't eat a mushy banana!

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