Basket Weaving

Cecilia Mohney
Brownie Troop 864
Garden Grove, California

The easiest basket to start is a round one. I don't know what kind of reeds you are using but you should have them soaked so that they are pliable.

Use two hoops ( or take long, strong reeds and, after soaking wind into two hoops. You then put one inside the other to form a sphere. Hold so that the inside hoop forms the top rim of the basket and the other forms the bottom spine and handle. You then use a smaller dimension reed to form a "Gods-eye" on each side to keep the hoops together.

After this its just a matter of weaving, starting at one side of a Gods-eye and adding strong round reeds (cut on each side at an angle for easy fitting into the weave) as additional spokes whenever you need them (you'll know because your "stitches" look long and funny). In order to keep the basket symmetrical you should weave a bit at one Gods-eye, then the other and add the spokes two at a time one on each side of the basket bottom.

I hope that this makes sense - As many baskets as I have made, explaining them without demonstrating is still difficult!

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