Beach themes

Therese, who is always shivering in Surrey, BC

Hi all, This winter is giving me the shivers. So we thought we'd ring in the new year with some warmer thoughts.

My Spark unit and co-guiders decided to host a Spark/Brownie Event in our school gym. We will open the evening with the Macarena at loud volume to dance and warm us up. Bathing suits and shorts in this weather is daunting, wouldn't you say? We are all to come to the beach suitably dressed, including sunscreen and hats!

And proceed through various stations -

- Beach volleyball with balloons (to avoid accidents to the head)
- Fishing - bait consists of a baggie full of goldfish crackers. Girls are to throw out lines with attached crackers and guiders behind a sheet will attach fish
- premade funfoam fish with glitter on them for their hats as a keepsake of the event). If there is extra time, girls can make stamp pictures with our collection of seal, whale, dolphin and fish stamps and talk about storm drain painting.
- Tongue twister and game below.
- Limbo station with finger jello fish and sailboat shapes

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