Bean Game II

Wendy Baker
Sparks Guider, Pathfinder Guider, Craft Trainer, Potential Trainer, Chair of Division Composite Camp, District Commissioner
Central Area, Ganaraska Division, Sugarbush District

  1. Give each girl a rope and a beans and divide them into pairs.
  2. Say "Go" and they have to see who can be the fastest to tie a reef knot (or any assigned knot).
  3. The first person to do it is the winner and receives the bean from her partner, the winner finds a partner with two beans and begins again.

The loser gets another bean from the game leader to play another one bean person. The game goes on with partners always having as close as possible the same number of beans. They do this by calling out the number of beans they have until they find a person with the same or nearly the same number of beans.