Bean Game and Song

Game contributed by:Kim Dobson
1st Shinfield Road (St. Barnabas) Guides
Reading, Berkshire, England (and University of Bath)


Can be played with any number.

The Guider calls out various types of beans and the girls perform the correct action.

Runner Beans - run around
Jumping Beans - jump
Baked Beans - lie out in the sun
Chilli beans - shiver
Frozen Beans - Stand still
broad Beans - Stand with legs as far apart as possible
French Beans - say "Oh La La!"

Song contributed by:Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

Bean Song: The girls from the 50th Orleans Pathfinder Unit taught me a song that goes really well with your game, now let's see if I can remember the words.

My dog Jelly likes to roam,
One day Jelly left his home,
He came back all nice and clean,
Where, oh where has Jelly been?

Jelly bean, jelly bean
Where oh where has jelly been?

As you change beans, you sing faster!