Brownie Enrolment Ceremony

Marilyn Robinson
1st Petawawa Brownies
Da Hon Neh Area, Petawawa District, Opeongo Division,, Ontario

written by: Janet Gauley, 1st Corbyville Brownies.
Published in Da Hon Neh Link April 1996

An exciting Enrolment ceremony with a theme that continues on through Advancement the following Spring. Take time to make the props and rehearse.

Once upon a time, long long ago in a far off land called Brown there lived a fair and kindly Queen - her name was Queen Brown Owl. Within her kingdom lived trumpeters, (trumpeters - do, do, do), guards (riding back and forth in front of the castle on their horses), ladies in waiting (serving tea, mending clothes, sweeping the floor) and even a jester of two (cartwheel in front of the Queen).

Queen Brow Owl ruled her kingdom wisely and was very popular with all of her little Brownies, but she was often quite sad and melancholy (QBO look sad - big sigh). You see, one day, many years ago, Queen Brown Owl had ........... beautiful new girls (they join hands in a circle, skip and smile) who were happily preparing for a ceremony whereby they would become true and loyal citizens of Brown - in other words, they would become Brownies. Each one had worked very hard to prepare for this ceremony and had learned many new and wondrous things required of a Brownie. They had learned to fold and tie their special orange ties (tie ties quickly), learned the Promise, Motto and Law of the Land of Brown (say Lah, Lah, Lah, lend a hand) and also the special Sign and Handshake (do these).

The whole kingdom was excited and all a-twitter about the upcoming ceremony - even the Queen’s ‘Special Commissioner’ would be attending to officially welcome the new citizens of Brown. The trumpeters were practicing a special tune (trumpeters toot tune of ‘We’re the Brownies’), the ladies in waiting were learning a new dance (dance round in a circle), the guards were performing complicated maneuvers on their trusty steeds (ride around on horses) and the jesters were juggling and cartwheeling all over the place.

Alas, one morning the Queen awoke to find that all of her new girls had disappeared without a trace and she feared that they were far, far away (new girls leave the castle, pick up their frog masks and go to the glade).

Meanwhile, high in the tower of the Castle lived the ‘Grand Wizard’ of Brown who performed most wondrous tricks and feats of magic and who served her Queen and kingdom well. The Grand Wizard was also sad and melancholy because she was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of the little girls and was too embarrassed to admit this to the Queen (Grand Wizard looks sad - big sigh). One day, while practicing magic spells, she had accidentally turned all the little girls into frogs (girls hold up frog masks in front of faces and leap like frogs) and much as she tried, she was unable to turn them back because she didn’t know the spell. On this particular day, however, the Grand Wizard was quite beside herself with excitement, for she was almost sure that after so many years she had found the ‘cure’ for the frog spell she had accidentally cast. If only she could find the little frogs.

Not far from the castle was a small glade near the forest that had a sparkling blue pool that was so clear you could see your reflection in it. In this glade lived the little frogs (leap around). Upon looking out of the castle tower one day, the Grand Wizard noticed these little frogs and quickly rushed to the Queen. After telling her about the most unfortunate accident that had befallen the little girls, she urged the Queen and all of her subjects to follow her to the pool where she thought the little frogs were living. (Everyone goes to the glade).

The Little frogs were at first quite astonished at all the commotion going on within their normally peaceful little glade, but quickly recognized their beloved Queen and leapt to her side (frogs move over to Queen Brown Owl). The Grand Wizard, with a flourish of her arms and a few complicated waves of her magic stick mumbled:

"Abracadabra, hair of the dog
Take a good look at each little frog
Something is different about them for sure
For each little frog I have a nice cure
Abracadabra. I’ll give it a whirl
I’ll turn each wee frog back into a girl!"

Low and behold, each frog started to turn ever so slowly ( frogs turn slowly into a circle) and became girls once again (remove masks). The Queen was so delighted that she declared that the ceremony should begin there and then. The Grand Wizard, as a special favour to the Queen, transported the ‘Special Commissioner’ to the enchanted little glad (Commissioner joins everyone at the glade).

The subjects of Brown quickly arranged the new girls into a straight line and taught them the Brownie Smile and rehearsed the Brownie Sign (Brownies show them the Sign).

Queen Brown Owl: "Are you ready to become real Brownies?"

Girls: "Yes, we are."

Queen Brown Owl spins each one around saying "Twist me and turn me and show me an elf - I looked into the water and there saw ...."

Girls: "Myself."

Queen Brown Owl: "Do you know if you make your Brownie Promise you must always do your best to carry it out?"

Girls: "Yes."

Queen Brown Owl: "Let’s say our Promise."

All new girls: "I promise to do my best, to be true to myself, my God/faith and
Canada. I will help other people and keep the Brownie Law.

Queen Brown Owl shakes each new Brownie’s hand and lead them to the Special Commissioner who welcomes them (in her own words) and pins on Brownie Pins.

Queen Brown Owl: "Brownies, how do we welcome new Brownies?"

Brownies perform the Grand Howl.

Because everything turned out as planned, the Queen forgave the Grand Wizard for her unfortunate involvement in the disappearance of the little girls and everyone lived happily ever after.

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