Becker Bottle Game

Contributed by:Tiger Rousseau
Cadet Guider, District Guider, Trainer
Quebec City, Canada

We also played a game called "Becker bottle". There are two equal teams each with their backs to opposite walls. At each end of the playing field is a empty becker bottle, one designated for each team. In the middle of the playing field is a medium-sized ball. Each team receives numbers from 1 on up, mirrored on the opposite team. When the Referee calls a number, both players with that number rush to get the ball. When a player holding the ball gets tagged (not tossed to the ground!!) the ball stays where it is and players return to the team, and another number is called. Strategy is important - a player can kick or hit the ball towards their opponent's becker bottle and hopefully run and catch up with it before his opponent. Points are scored when the person of the opposite team reaches the becker bottle and touches it with the ball. (The ball must be held when tagging the becker bottle.) Great fun!
Boy, do I miss those Becker bottles!

[Editor's note: A Becker Bottle is a plastic milk jug, they come in 2 liter and 4 liter sizes. The 4 liter size is about the same size as a 2 gallon plastic milk jug.]