Bedlam and Variation

Game contributed by: Barb Garber
44th Sparks/Guides
South District, Webster Division
Trillium Area
Windsor, Ontario

This game requires four teams of equal size. Each team takes one corner of the room or playing field. The play area can be either square or rectangular. At a signal (whistle, etc.), each team attempts to move as quickly as possible to the corner directly across from them (diagonally), performing an announced activity as they go. The first team to get all its members into its new corner wins that particular round. The first round can be simply running to the opposite corner, but after that you can use any number of possibilities, such as walking backward, wheelbarrow racing (one person is the wheelbarrow), piggyback, rolling somersaults, hopping on one foot, skipping, and crab walking. There will be mass bedlam in the center as all four teams crisscross.

Variation contributed by: Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

There are any number of variations to this. The one that I saw was based on Disability awareness. One person in the centre taught the signs for 4 different animals, lions, sheep, cows and giraffes. She did the sign for GO and we had to move to another corner. Any other corner. So that there were no longer even numbers of people per corner. She had cards with pictures of the four animals on them, and she chose one at random, then she did the sign for that animal. All the people who were on that particular corner had to go to the center. The people in the center did the sign for GO, and everyone chose a corner again. All of the corners were still available to move into, even the one that was called out the time before. The group in the center chose a card, made the sign and all the people on that particular corner went to the center.

To adapt this to a Hallowe'en theme, for instance. Use a deck of cards, minus the jokers. Label your four corners, Witches (hearts), Ghosts (spades), Goblins (clubs), and Clowns (diamonds). Divide into your four teams, run the game once. Draw a card from a shuffled deck of cards, and all of those people come to the center to help you yell go. The corners are all still in play. Yell go, chose a card from the deck, and garner more helpers. Play this a few times until you have only a few people still in play. They are the Winners!

This game is easily adapted to many themes. If you wish to use more specific cards than playing cards, try using the backs of old business cards. They are all the same size, they are all the same weight and they shuffle beautifully.