The Beetle Game

Quebec City

The Beetle Game

This is an active game that can be played anywhere, by anybody.

Each "team" chooses a table to sit at. One person at each table will be staying at the table throughout the game. The rest of the team will be moving from table to table after each win. Each table has one dice, scrap paper, pen or pencil that works, and a diagram of a "beetle" . (I use scrap cardboard from cereal boxes and laminate). The beetle is a large oval abdomen, smaller head, feelers/antennae, two eyes, four legs, and a tail. Each body part has a number from 1-6, just like the dice has numbers 1-6. The abdomen is 6, head is 5, tail is 4, legs are 3, antennae are 2, and eyes are 1. Number all the parts clearly on the body, although as the girls get experience with the game, they remember quite well without looking.

Each team is playing simultaneously (at the same time!). The one person at each table that stays (Beetleguise) is the one that draws the parts on the paper. Each team member at the table take turns rolling the dice. You have to be quick because the first team to complete the picture first, hollers "BEETLE", play stops and the teams move to the next table in a round-robin fashion. The rules are much like a cross between parcheesi and hangman. The dice is rolled, and you need a 6 to start. Makes sense, body first. As soon as a six is rolled, Beetleguise will quickly draw a body on the paper, while the other members frantically continue rolling the dice to get a five. Once the head is on, then it doesn't matter which numbers come next, as long as you get 4-3's, 2-2's, and 2-1's. Again, once the body is completed, holler 'BEETLE" and play stops. Players move to the next table and on a signal, play resumes again. You can either keep score and award applause to the team that had "BEETLE" the most times, or you can use this game at tuck-time at camp and hand out little treats. Just make sure everybody gets something!!

I find this game can be quite crazy and noisy (my favourite) as the girls get older, but it is also wonderful to use larger dice for 5 & 6 year olds to help them with numbers. Of course, they won't play as fast. Adults also get nutzoid on occassion.

Try it, you'll like it.

Yahoo for games!!