Badge ceremony

Alberta Lones

No latex allergies - balloons

Put badge(s) in balloons, blow them up and tie. Tape on wall or ?? and the girls have to find their balloon(s) - either mark with their name or use a different color for each girl. The girl then has to break her balloon(s) to get her badges.

There is a song I made up and a bit more to the ceremony but can't remember it right now - when I do will add it.

Either each girl picks up her broken balloon pieces or assign a clean up crew to do so right after the ceremony.

Latex allergies - adaptation: stars

Make different colored construction stars - cut circle just larger than a badge in center leaving and inch or so on the left and right side, then cut down the center so as to form 2 doors that open. On the back glue some yellow tissue paper over the door, then add some crumpled newspaper and glue on another star from lightweight cardboard. Tape to wall. Add badge inside door against the tissue paper and close the door - even after many uses there should be enough with the newspaper padding for you to push the badge in enough so it won't fall out.

Sing Star light, Star bright first star we see tonight we wish we may, we wish we might, have the badges we (or name of girl) earned tonite.

The girl could then open the colored star you tell her is hers and take out her badge

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