Guide History Bingo.

Submitted to The Guidezone by:
Kim Waumsley
79th Gloucester Guides Division
Program Advisor Ottawa Area

October 8, 1998

We played this last night with my Guides and they loved it. Here are the instructions:

1. Read the Guide History Story to the Girls, so that they are familiar with the key words in the story.

2. Instead of Numbered Bingo Balls, I made a list of words/phrases taken from the Guide History Story and cut and glued each word onto a piece of cardboard. I put all word squares in an envelope. I made up 35 words. For example, I used, Cruise ship, Olave, Agnes, Scouts, Crystal Palace, Rally , World Chief Commissioner etc

3. Write these same words on a large piece of paper in large print and tape to the wall for everyone to see and read.

4. Make enough blank bingo cards for each girl and don't forget FREE in the middle The card was 5 columns and 5 rows.

5. Ask girls to fill in each square with a word or phrase from the list that is on the wall. They are making their own filled bingo card.

6. As in Bingo, let girls know, whether you need to fill in one line any direction, or win with the letter T , letter X etc.

7.To start to play, have a leader draw a word/phrase from the envelope. And like bingo, if you have the word/phrase you mark it off. Winners called out Bingo or Lord Baden Powell or any other suitable phrase.

8. You may choose to have a prize for the winner. In my unit , the girls were more motivated to play and win , with a prize (a small lollipop). At the end everyone got a lollipop.

9. You can use this game at Halloween as well. The words on the list will be all connected to Halloween. And the Bingo card can be the shape of a pumpkin.

I hope everyone can use this idea and adapt it to their needs.