Hospital Skit


(has to be done in the dark!)

Two girls hold a large white sheet up in front of a table. Make sure no one in the audience can see behind or over the sheet. A bright lamp is placed behind the table, thus creating 'shadow' figures on the sheet (when seen from the front). One guide lies on top of the table, and two others stand at the side, pretending they are operating on her.

This skit is based on the audience having to use their imagination eg. ask the QM for some cooked spaghetti which you would then use as the intestines (they look enormous when seen as a shadow!). Let the audience know what you are taking out. The comment could be... <snip>

Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy
What's this doing here?
I wish I hadn't forgotten my glasses. etc etc.

If the 'patient' wakes up (eg. starts to sit up) pretend to hit her on the head with a large pot, and let someone else make the noise of a pot hitting a plank. Talk the whole time to the other doctor and nurses.

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