Lord and Lady Powell Skit

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Tiger Guider/Scouter/Trainer
Quebec City, Canada

Here is a little skit we did with the Guides about 7 years ago.
All the capitalized words in the story are either actions or props.



All of you know that Lady B.P. and Lord B.P.'s birthdays are on the same date, February 22. You all know, also, that they were married. But it wasn't always like that. Today we would like to show you how Olave Soames and Lord Baden-Powell met.

Olave was a young lady of 23 when she went on a boat trip with her father to Jamaica. She wrote to her mother that there was only one interesting person on the ship, and that was General Baden-Powell, the Scout man. Lord P.P. was then 55 years old.

One day on the BOAT (1) Olave was walking HER LITTLE DOG (2) down the deck. Robert Baden-Powell was sitting on a DECK CHAIR smoking his PIPE and reading his PAPER. As Olave passed, Robert looked at her and gave a WHISTLE. He was still spry for his age. Olave turned around and GAVE HIM THE EYE (3).

Suddenly, HER LITTLE DOG RAN FROM HER AND JUMPED IN ROBERT'S LAP. Olave was embarrassed and she turned a LITTLE PALE (4). Olave went to get her dog and they began to talk to each other.

AS TIME PASSED (5) they came to know each other better. Finally, to express their strong feelings towards each other they EXCHANGED HEARTS (6).

One romantic evening a STRONG WIND (7) was blowing over the deck, causing the BOAT TO ROCK (8).

Robert gazed into Olave's eyes, FIRST THE RIGHT, THEN THE LEFT, and POPPED (9) the QUESTION (10) - - Will you marry me?

"YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES, YES" (11) replied Olave, as tears of happiness SOAKED THE DECK (12). Robert SLIPPED A RING (13 & 14) on her finger.

Olave said she would HOLD IT DEER (15) TO HER HEART (6), forever. In October they were married and Olave became a busy housewife. They had three children, Peter, Heather, and Betty.

So now folks, you have heard the story of how our Chief Scout and Chief Guide met - - Romantic, wasn't it!


1) Sign "BOAT"
2) Toy Dog (on wheels)
3) Big Eye
4) Little Pail
5) Carry a clock
6) 2 large, cardboard hearts
8) Carry and rock a sign "BOAT"
9) Pop a paper bag of air
10) Large question mark
11) Sign "YES YES"
12) Squeeze wet sponge
13) Use ladies' slip
14) Use bell
15) Cardboard of Deer, hold to Hear
16) Chair, pipe, newspaper, whistle

Feel free to adapt as needed. Public Domain.

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