2nd year Community

Michele (one L) Challis

I did a group activity with a survey plan of the neighbourhood. I went to the local land registry office and got the large plans that the developers use when laying out a subdivision (actually I had to get 4 to cover our area) and we posted them up on the wall at the school and the girls got to find their houses and colour them in, then mark off the school, the store, the church, the park, where the crossing guards were located, the mail boxes, and in which direction some of the other sites off the map where.( like the local McDonalds, the video store, bank and grocery store. Then we did a quiz on how you would get from someplace to someplace using the street names. We also posted the directions on the map and everyone got to find out which direction their house faced.

we had a good time with it and everyone got to participate, the maps were $5 each but I laminated them so that they wipe off and I just rolled them up and will use them again - for the door to door cookie selling blitz later this month.