Wendy Baker
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

I made a book with shiny wrapping paper and two pieces of cardboard and paper punch and wool to hold it together. I called it my Belonging Book. We had a tree and sprayed it gold and had the girls draw pictures of themselves and we put them on the tree with pipecleaner. 1. Opening

2. Song

3. Have each group leader give out the pictures

4. Leaders tell who they are and put their picture on the tree.

5. Leaders then come and stand beside Wendy

6. Wendy will read the names from her Belonging Book

7. Gives take turns putting their picture on the belonging tree.

8. Come to Wendy and say their promise, other Guiders to assist with pins

9. After they all are enrolled or receive their first year pin, they we will join hands around the circle with tree in middle and sing:

Here we go round the Belonging Tree, the Belonging Tree
Here we go round the Belonging Tree, the Belonging Tree
We're all Sparks now.

10. Game - lead by Erica

11. Song - Tree in the hole lead by Sapphire

12. Refreshments
Vivian - Cake
Wendy - Tea, coffee and drinking boxes

13. Songs if necessary - Princess Pat, Lion Hunt

14. Closing song.

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