Campfire Skit

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Narrator reads "postcards" while another Guider pantomimes & hams up the story. For this trip, she has on camp gear and carries a backpack which contains some items from the story to be pulled out as appropriate.

Narrator: "This is an interactive game that you have done before. Each table group will have a country card on it with the actions to do when your country name is called. [Call out each country & have them practise their action.] CANADA, MEXICO, UNITED KINGDOM, SWITZERLAND, KENYA, EGYPT, INDIA AUSTRALIA

Once upon a time there was a guider who lived in North Vancouver CANADA who dreamed of places far away. Her patrol was going to S.O.A.R. soon and she decided to travel the world before the camp. She grabbed her compass and packed up her backpack, said her promise and went down the path. On her travels, she sent us postcards. I will share some of them with you.

It rained as I left CANADA this morning. I was well prepared with the sparkle dust [name of district treasurer] saved for me. I'll try to remember her advice not to spend it all on candies so I don't have cavities when I get home. Tell [name of Guider known for enthusiastic badge work] I can't earn a badge, but I am taking traders to share. I will check out which country has the cutest guys for the Guides and Pathfinders. I'm sure they mean Boy Scouts. That whistle you gave me will help getting their attention. [Blows whistle.] The atlas I have should keep me from getting too lost. So I leave CANADA with warm thoughts of you all. Will try to make it back for registration night.

From MEXICO I bring you greetings from Our Cabana where I have been eating chimichangas. Yuuummmmmmmmm. Am learning the lambada. [Dances.] I think the man I danced with was B.P.'s great grandson….. Eat your hearts out. What a hunk. Down to the beach for a dip, [pulls out teeny bikini from backpack] then off to……

The UNITED KINGDOM. Met the Queen with the trouble makin' kids. I'm sure they weren't Girl Guides or Boy Scouts. I was late for my appointment with her. Don't tell anyone, but I got lost. That map you gave me was in French, couldn't read it. Got lost in Picadilly Circus on the way to Pax Lodge. Have some great traders though that you'll just love. [Throws teabags into the audience.] The countryside of the UNITED KINGDOM is so beautiful. Hitched a double decker bus to Zurich. The Queen asked me to give a gift to the GIC at Our Chalet in SWITZERLAND. Gee, they were open for a change. [Name of well traveled Guider] told me she was there again in November and they were closed. Does that mean they heard she was coming and ran for cover, or what?????

Had a hike in SWITZERLAND, my boots got a good workout. Hosts kept feeding me authentic Swiss cuisine. [Pulls out an empty Toblerone package.] You won't recognize me I'm so fat. [Funnier if Guider is pregnant.] After my last chocolate bar disappeared….

I caught Flight 007 for KENYA (with Sean Connery to go). Yes girls, he tells me he was a Boy Scout. Gee, did you know that B.P. is buried here in KENYA. B.P. and Olave retired here. The land of Simba is all about the Circle of Life. What a safari. A dream come true - for once I could be like the [unit notorious for discipline problems] and scream in the jungle. Got a call from an old friend while in Nairobi.

She's getting married in INDIA. Really must go, but what to wear. Left my best dress back in CANADA. Well, they always say our uniform will do. It was a pleasant surprise to see that her Brownie Pack was part of the wedding ceremony. Everyone was in uniform, even the Boy Scouts. I fit right in. Perfect. Just wait until you see my camp hat. [Puts on outrageous hat.] Getting quite a diverse collection. The rhino's tooth will bring me good luck, so they say in INDIA. Buy me a Quick Pick 649 today. I'll win a bundle. Yes, I'll share my winnings with all those that stayed for [the District] campfire, those brave souls. My old friend was able to join my trek to INDIA. The trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to Sangam. Our home stay hostess family were the best. This is the way to travel and be shown around by a native. They know all the really good places to eat and shop. Visited the Taj Mahal.

Caught a camel caravan in EGYPT. They don't tell you before you get on one to take sea sick pills. The sand dunes are up and down just like the ocean. What a ride. Did you know camels smell revolting. Wouldn't have missed it though. Arrived to see the Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx. Traffic jams everywhere. Got picked up by a magic carpet for my tour of EGYPT. No, that Emir was never a Boy Scout. He kept trying to pay me dinars to hold his hand. His eyes were gleaming. Did he want more? He asked me to visit his palace….. to give a talk about Canadian Guiding. You know how shy I am, well, three hours later…… While shopping in a souk, met a patrol from the [the District.] Would you believe it? Had tea and retold those bad jokes we were always telling at Guides when we were supposed to be doing our program work! Did you remember to mail that parcel of banners the girls made up for S.O.A.R? Sure hope so. Gee by now,

I must be airlifted to AUSTRALIA. The seams of my backpack are bursting. Landed in the land of koalas and kangaroos. That's Sydney with a y not an i. I was met at the Ozzieland airport by a Pathfinder Guider who took me under her boomerangs… She taught me the Australian salute. [Wave flies away from face.] I don't ever remember having more fun. Koalas are so huggable, but not too kissable. I miss you all. Will be home soon. Goodbye AUSTRALIA.

If I don't get lost again….. Plan to fly back to CANADA tomorrow. Landing in Halifax at 4:00 am. Someone asked me to do a presentation of my trip. Great tales to tell. This international trip was a wonderful experience. After a rest, should be ready to get back in the groove come September. Keep the home fires burning. See you soon. INDIA (You must pretend to belly dance while singing) Prince Ali! Fabulous he! Ali Ababwa CANADA (You must stand up and sing) Raindrops keep falling on my head and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed, nothing seems to fit….. UNITED KINGDOM (You must stand up and sing) Rule Brittania! Brittania rules the waves! MEXICO (You must stand up and sing) "La Cukaracha, la cukaracha!" (the cockroach) KENYA (You must stand up and make "MONKEY" sounds, scratch your heads and ribs!) SWITZERLAND (You must stand up and "Yodel" loundly!) EGYPT (You must stand up and take two steps walking like an Egyptian as pictured in the ancient tombs - one hand up, one hand down) All the while singing "Walk like an Egyptian" to the tune from the Bangles AUSTRALIA (You must all stand up and say "G'day, Mate" with an Australian accent

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