The Canoe Trip

Becky (aka Dragon) Vincent
18th Guelph Guides
Come visit my Guiding Resource Centre (where I am Chief Kahuuna):

You will need a tarp, flour, water, rice krispies, oatmeal, and changes of clothing for the victims!

Have the victims of the skit sit on the tarp, as if they were in a canoe. Ask them to paddle along while you read a story. Keep the bowls of water etc. out of sight of the victims.

You then proceed to tell a story abot some voyageurs who were exploring the Canadian wilderness, and all the hardships they encountered - including a downpour (throw the water on), a blizzard (flour), sleet (oatmeal), and dust (rice Krispies), etc. Be creative! And make sure there's a shower available afterwards! :)

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