Clean the lat (longer skit, not for those with weak stomachs!).

Liz Watts (
Cdt/Snr Trp 923, Jnr Trp 783, Tres Condados GS Council,
Ex Guider and Adviser, North Yorkshire West, England
Guide Zone International & Giggle Patch Co-ordinator
England and America - two countries separated by a common language. (George Bernard Shaw)

Half fill a bucket with water, and put a chocolate bar (Twix works well) in the water. Pass the bucket around the audience asking for someone to clean the lat. In between asking for a volunteer, make gross comments along the lines of "eugh, who used this last?", "look at this t**d", etc. No one in their right minds will volunteer!! Once you have asked everyone, shrug your shoulders, say something like "oh well, I guess I have to clean it", fish out the Twix bar with your hand and take a bite.

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