Discovering Challenges

Barb Wright, 1st Colwood Sparks &
Southern Vancouver Island Area Membership Coordinator
Victoria, B.C. Canada

One thing I've found works well to keep third years interested is to have them do a service WITHIN Guiding. It makes them realize how much we value their experience and abilities, and broadens their involvement with the movement (and that shows them where they can go on to...)

Have them be company leaders with a Spark or Brownie unit - the Guides are amazed at how much they know and can do than they had realized! The leaders need to be assured that the Guides can and should be asked to do concrete things to help (and NOT just cleaning up after the little ones!) Guides love doing bathroom escort duty -- they can still remember when they couldn't

And usually their homework requirements are not so onerous that two nights out a week for Guiding doesn't interfere all that much...

Also, 3rd year guides can volunteer at your Guide Shop. They are great at helping parents/leaders choose gifts and awards that the girls will actually like, and think of the experience for jobs they are getting! (my daughter is in her 3rd 4th? year at our shop, and is getting 95-110% in her Business Education course in Grade 10!)