More About Guiding

Kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides

I guess starting with My Community and teaching about Guiding (this only works if your 3rd year isn't on her first year of guides - just an aside as this was the case last year)
- part 1a) help new guides learn about the guide promise, law and motto
- part 1 b) teach encountering Challenge level (1st years) about the history of Guiding. help to develop skits or presentations about interesting events in Guiding

For part 1a - in the past I've had the 3rd years make puzzles from pictures pasted on cardboard and cut into puzzle pieces --> the pictures would show parts of the guide law or promise and after the puzzle was put together the 1st year girls would tell the 3rd years what parts of the promise and law were pertinent to the picture and why. This year, because we had so many new guides we did a promise relay race divided up by patrols (so there was a variety of age groups per team). The first guide would run to the other side of the room and get a piece of the promise (it was written on cardboard and cut up). They would run to the next person in line and give the guide sign and handshake and then go to the back of the line to arrange the words. The first team to have the promise in order and who shook hands properly wins. The girls liked this and asked to do it several times (this was taken out of the Active Living Toolbox book for Guides)

Teaching the history of guiding: We haven't been too successful with 3rd years teaching this as we had 3rd years who were new to guides and therefore learning it themselves..... The girls have made up skits/plays about the history of guiding and then performed them for the other guides. They all like being in these skits so sometimes we end up doing this exercise as a unit and each group of kids picks a part that they want to show in their skit (it depends on the number of girls). This year should be different now that we'll have quite a few 3rd year guides who have been in guiding for a while.