The Leaders Going to the Bathroom Skit.

Becky (aka Dragon) Vincent
18th Guelph Guides
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Have the "victims" of your skit/prank leave the campfire circle for a minute, out of earshot. The tell all the girls in a conspirational tone that during the course of the camp, you have discovered what each of your "victims" do when they go to the bathroom. However, of course they don't know that YOU know, but you're going to get them to demonstrate for the group, one at a time.

Have your "victims" return to the circle. Tell them that you are going to ask each of them to do some sort of action. For example, you can ask the first person to pretend she's a chicken laying an egg, ask the second one to pretend she's riding a bucking bronco, and ask the third to pretend she's piloting a race car.

Each of your victims gets a chance to act out her piece. This will probably bring roars of laughter from the audience because the audience thinks this is how the victims go to the bathroom! The victims will be quite confused as to why people are laughing so hard - until you explain it to them!

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