Spark Meeting Openings and Closings

Closing song

Barb Wright,
1st Colwood Sparks & Area Membership Coordinator
Southern Vancouver Island Area Victoria, B.C. Canada

WE sing a closing song in our Friendship Circle, holding hands, then someone -- a guest, a new girl, a parent helper, whoever asks! -- says "Goodnight" and gently squeezes the hand of the person to her left. That person says "Goodnight," and gently squeezes, etc. It's a quiet and calming way to end the meeting:

Plus you have physical control of the girls at the end so they don't flail off in all directions!

Opening and Closing

Wendy Baker

We open our Sparks meetings with songs I made up:


We're the Emeralds, See us shine
We want sharing, All the time.


We're the Diamonds, See us shine
We want peace, All the time.

We're the Sapphires, See us shine
We make friends, All the time.


We're the Rubies, See us shine
We want love, All the time.

We divided our girls into groups of 4 each and named them Emerald, Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies and gave them stars with sparkles laminated to wear on their hats in the various colors.

These songs are to the tune of the Brownie songs very quickly sung as they dance around the magic circle which is a round pink plastic table cloth set in the middle of the floor. The girls who have collected their dues in a colored bag (red for rubies, green for emeralds, blue for sapphire and white for diamond). They then get a sticker for their sticker holder which is a piece of plastic (acetate covers from Grand and Toy cut into 3" X 4" square with the corners rounded off and a hole punched for the safety pin). These stickers show their attendance at Sparks. I usually have the sticker to match the theme of the meeting.

For a closing song we chose the old Brownie song:

Now run along home (pretend you are running) and jump into bed (jump) Say your prayers,(hands folded in prayer) Don't cover up your head. (arms over head) The very last thing, I say unto you You think of me (point to someone) and I'll think of you (point to yourself).

(They love the actions)

Opening and Closing

Pierrefonds Que Canada

We sang the song "We Run Into a Circle" for our opening. Since we met at lunchtime in a Kindergarten class we had limited space so did it in a sort of spiral. For closing we hummed a tune waving our hands in the air. I think its one of the applause things we learnt at Area. I can't describe it. I'll have to show you. Though I like the other one mentioned to the tune of Goodnight Ladies. We found that each unit in the District had a different opening & closing, so this year we are going to try and all do the same so as not to confuse the girls at District events. I like the idea of a flag ceremony for Sparks, not raising it but placing it in a stand would be great.

Opening and Closing

Barbara Harrison
Guide Guider White Oaks Area
Highland Glen Area
Ontario, Canada

When I worked with Sparks we opened the meeting with the song "Buddies and Pals and said the promise. We closed with the Spark Song ("We Can Share at Work and Play") and said the promise again. Short and sweet.

Opening and Closing song

Linda Public Relations Adviser
Moira Division
Ontario, Canada

Spark Opening Song
(tune - I'm a little teapot)
I'm a little Spark, small and sweet
Here are my hands, here are my feet,
At times I get excited and I shout,
But I'll share, be your friend and help you out.

Spark Closing Song
(tune - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)
Little Spark, little Spark, turn around
Little Spark, little Spark touch the ground
Little Spark, little Spark show your shoes,
Little Spark, little Spark that will do
Little Spark, little Spark turn off the light
Little Spark, little Spark say Goodnight.