Promise & Law Activities

Wendy Baker
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

1. This is a paper folding game which the Guides really liked.

I presume that you know how to fold the paper square to make the game. The four squares on the outside are coloured blue, red, green, brown.

The first inside parts are numbered stating at the top left hand. Law #1, Law #4, Law #5, Law #7, Promise, Law #3, and Law #2.

When you raise the inside flag it will read from the top left.

How can you be trusted when working for a neighbour?
How can you be a friend to all in your community?
How are you courteous outside your home?
What can you do to keep our parks nice?
Tell when you smiled instead of crying?
How can you help spend less money?
Give and example of helping in your community.
What does being loyal to your community mean to you?

2. Act out a situation when you could keep your Promise and Laws in these places.

3. Match the opposite cards and decide to which Guide Law they refer (These cards list words which are either good or bad qualities

"A" polite, snobbish, considerate, extravagant, lying. cowardly, lazy, purposeful, cheerful, merciful, ill natured

"B" truthful, courageous, energetic, rude, friendly, thoughtless, thrifty, depressed, good tempered, aimless unforgiving

Have the girls make up some of their own.

4. In the following situations discuss:

.... Your friend leaves the TV on even when she is not watching it, she turns down the sound.
.... At camp, a tent peg is pushed through the canvas.
.... A Guide you know makes fun of you because you attend church.
.... A Guide you know kicks cats because she doesn't like them.
.... At school, Guide who has not done her homework asks you for a copy of yours.
.... Your Guider asks you to call your patrol to remind them to bring their membership fee to the next meeting. You decide you are too busy and hope they will remember.



Materials required: navy leather,or blue foamy, of blue felt, or blue cardboard trefoil shape for tracing 36 " each of three colours of wool, blue, white and yellow scissors, leather punch/hole punch.

Tell this story as you make the example or have each person do their braid as you demonstrate and tell them what each step means.

The trefoil represents our three fold promise, being true to ourselves, our God/Faith and Canada, helping others and accepting the Guiding Law.

The wool is tied to the trefoil with an overhand knot which signifies your enrollment when you first made your commitment to your Promise.

Now begin braiding all the long ends together to signify that we try to think about our promise and Law as we go about our daily lives. being honest when someone asks you a difficult question, never telling lies or making up stories, recycling, being proud of being a Guide/Pathfinder and respecting the wishes of others, doing things for others without being asked, using talents and abilities, using water conservation when brushing your teeth, face your fears and always do your best at whatever you try, be proud of being a Guide and tell others. (These are just examples) ask girls to give their examples)

The longer we stay in Guiding the more the Promise and Law becomes part of our every day lives - a part of who we are.

Tie another overhand knot which represents our MOTTO - BE PREPARED. When we take advantage of the opportunities which Guiding offers us, we will be well prepared to cope with whatever life brings to us.