Do You Recognize any of these Laws

Doris Cavallin
2nd Orleans Guides
Queenswood District
Eastbrooke Division
Ottawa Area

Each of the Guide Laws below comes from a different country. Write down the appropriate Canadian Law.

Australia: A guide makes good use of her time.

Italy: A Girl Scout obeys her parents, teachers, leaders, and knows when it is necessary to take the initiative.

United States: I will do my best show respect for myself and others through my words and actions.

Mexico: A Guide looks after animals and plants and sees in nature the work of God.

Greece: She has the courage and does not panic.

France: A Girl Scout likes to work and does not fear endeavor, does nothing by halves.

Cyprus: The word of honour of a Guide is to be believed and respected.

Kuwait: The Girl Guide is sincere towards her country, her parents, her seniors and her juniors.

Upper Volta: A Guide, sister to every other Guide, is available to all.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: A Guide is polite and considerate.

I thought this was a neat exercise, but it was written about 15 years ago. I would like to use up dated versions, if there have been any changes. I thought I would make cards up and they would need to match them.

The Guiding Law challenges me to:

* be honest and trustworthy

* use my resources wisely

* respect myself and others

* recognize and use my talents and abilities

* protect our common environment

* live with courage and strengths

* share in the sisterhood of Guiding