Campfire Planning

Submitted by:
Barb Garber
Spark/Guide Guider
Webster Division
Trillium Area

The Campfire

The campfire program has a shape and flow, unlike a singsong, which has no particular form. There is a beginning to a campfire, sometimes with a verse, and always with an opening song. The middle should have well-known songs, action and fun songs. The ending could include folk songs, quiet songs, prayer, vespers and taps.

The length of time allowed for campfire will determine how many songs you will include. You could skip some of the categories or include several songs in each category as long as you do not mix up the order of the songs. Allow approximately two minutes per item. For example, if you want a 30 minute campfire, you will need about 15 items. A good campfire is about 20 to 30 minutes long. Sometimes there will only be time for a 10 minute campfire.

If you are planning a campfire for the end of a meeting, 10 minutes would be a perfect time. You will have to include only a few songs. There will be no skits for end of meeting campfires, those will be saved for camps.

Decide who will introduce and lead each item and mark her name on the list beside the item. Give a copy to each person who is leading an item if you can. This will help your Campfire flow smoothly without verbal reminders.

Some examples of songs

1. Opening Song: "Fires Burning"
2. Poem, reading: "Come Sit Around Our Campfire" (P. 43 Campfire Activities book)
3. A well known song: "Land of the Silver Birch"
4. New song: ?
5. Round or Part: "Make New Friends"
6. Lighthearted or Silly: "Herman the Worm"
7. Fun action song: "Singing In The Rain"
8. Story, Yell, Skit: No story or skit for meetings
9. Semi-active song: "Going On A Bear Hunt"
10. Reflective: "On My Honor"
11. Folk, Canadian: "Puff The Magic Dragon"
12. Spiritual, Quiet: "Kum By Ah"
13. Vespers, Reading or Prayer: "Softly Fall the Light of Day"
14. Taps

Leading the Campfire

Share the leadership, but designate one person to be in charge. Have the leaders dotted around the circle, rather than sitting together in a group. Allow flashlights for campfire leaders only. Introduce each item enthusiastically. Do not ask the group if they would like to sing a certain song, tell them what song they will be singing next. Give clear instructions as to divisions for rounds or part singing, how a round will end, number of verses and who starts. Avoid interruptions, announcements, eating, requests, flashlights and other things that may distract from the mood you are trying to create. Remain seated except for skits or action songs. Keep skits short. Check skit with leader before performing. If song sheets or books are to be used, have those given out before the fire starts.