Spark Advancement Poem

Diane Aston,
1st Brooklin Brownies and Sparks
from an old News and Views 8 years ago

Fresh and eager, trying to do right
The Sparks' young fire burns so bright
For two years, they light Guiding's way
Then off to Brownies, they go to play.

Important to them are crafts and games
Stories and songs help fulfill our Aims
The Sparks of Guiding are young and bright
And they will become Brownies tonight.

I promise to Share and be a Friend
Our Sparks laugh and giggle, without an end
Most Sparks go to Brownies tonight and cheer
We have (one) Spark left to start next year.

The youngest members of our Guiding Family
Will join the Brownies tonight, wait and see
Their life flame burns bright
Their faces do light
Sparks are as eager as they can be.