Spark Sleepover Experience

Wendy Baker
Sparks Guider, Pathfinder Guider, Craft Trainer, Potential Trainer, Chair of Division Composite Camp, District Commissioner
Central Area, Ganaraska Division, Sugarbush District

I survived the Sparks sleepover. There were 14 Sparks, (we have 17 total) and three mothers and three leaders. We put up tents inside the Boy Scout Hall and the girls slept in the tents and the leaders slept outside the tents.

We had a hike into the park and the girls each were given four bubbles from those bubble packing material which had slits in the bottom. They had to collect something hard, something soft, something smooth, and something rough to fit inside their bubbles. When they got back we glued a piece of felt to the back and they put them on their hats.

The bugs were a little much, so the outside games were moved inside and they did skin the snake with a lot of snickering. We made toilet paper rolls, and dolls with beads. My daughter, a Ranger and her friend who was a Pathfinder came at 9:00 and did an hour of action games and songs.

The the pizza arrived, the girls were hungry even though it started at 7:00 and we asked that they have supper before they came. After pizza we had them get into their pajamas and they all watched "Troop Beverly Hills". Once the movie was over they all got into their tents and the "Bad Guy Leader" got to sit in the rocking chair in front of the rowdy tent and stay until they were quiet.

We had no girls homesick, and I was very proud of them. Well the leaders were another thing, they wanted to stay up all night and do crafts. You see I had mistakenly brought my famous craft box and they did, all kinds of crafts. One mother had twins and ended up making two of everything for her daughters, two mothers pooped out on us after the second craft, although I did get them hooked on straw weaving earlier in the evening. The rest of didn't end up going to bed until about 4 a.m.

The girls slept in until 8:00 I think it was the tents because it was dark in them. We made pancakes for breakfast, no kitchen facility so we brought electric fry pans and had time for a craft, teddy bears with pipecleaner body and pompom heads wrapped with wool and we hot glued on ears and eyes. We also had time for some parachute games before pick up at 10:00. By the time we took the tents down and cleaned and packed up it was 11:30 and I ended up with all the dirty dishes and a truck full of tents and coolers to unpack and wash. I slept most of the afternoon and my husband made supper and I felt happy that we gave our Sparks this experience.