It's a Small World Guide Enrollment Ceremony

Wendy Baker
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

Materials needed:

  • Large Globe of the World
  • 1 large blue candle
  • l large white candle
  • 7 small white candles
  • 11 small Blue candles
  • plasticine or small candle holders


Globe is placed in the center of a table

Horseshoe is formed

As the large blue candle is lit and placed on one side of the globe the Guide Promise is said by the entire Unit.

As the large white candle is lit on the other side of the globe, a leader recites the Aim of Girl Guides.

Tenderfoot Guides to be enrolled will have the small candles.

Guides will take turns reciting each Law - As a Law is read, a white candle is lit and placed in the plasticine and when finished, they will encircle the globe.

The same is done with the Objectives - a blue one is lit and placed in between the white candles.

Once all the candles are lit, proceed with Enrollment of the Tenderfoot Guides - this looks really nice if you are able to turn off the lights in the room.

When all of the Guides are enrolled:


As the candles circle this Globe of the World So does Guiding Each small candle represents a Law or Objective Leading towards the achievement of meeting the Aim The keeping of the Promise Let these flames show you the way.

Unit then sings: "On my honour"

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