Spark Theme Meetings

Barb Garber
Trillium Area, Webster Division, South District
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Guide History: Game - played match the Sparks Around the World paper dolls. (From Canadian Guider) Told the participation Guide History story. We use pictures to help the girls remember there part.

Ladybirds: Opening - Ladybird opening song. Craft - paper folding ladybug. Game - match the ladybirds. I made up some pictures of ladybugs on the computer and made a set of cards with two matching pictures of each ladybug. The girls had to find the matching card that was hidden around the meeting place. Closing - said our promise and the Ladybird promise.

Teddies: The Teddies have a ten part program based on paws. We did a quick activity from each paw and gave the girls a certificate with paws on it. They colored in each paw as they complete it. Some of the activities were - plant grass seed in a basket, active game, action song, tie shoes, safety and craft (paper teddy bear).