Thanksgiving theme meeting

Barb Garber
44th Sparks/Guides
South District, Webster Division, Trillium Area
Windsor, Ont. Canada

We made a great craft. I wanted something that was not a turkey, they make so many of them. I bought gourds (small funny shaped squash) at the market. It cost me nine dollars for 15 girls. We used googly eyes and scraps to make vegetable people. They were great and very creative. Encourage the girls that less is more. Also encourage the girls that glue isn't to be put on like paint. They turned out really cute and the gourds should dry and be able to be kept forever.

We had a turkey hunt. I cut out a bunch of paper turkeys and hid them around our meeting place. The girls love to hunt for things. We also played a table setting relay race. We drew the place setting on paper place mats and gave the teams a plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon and cup. They ran up in relay fashion and put one piece at a time on the placemat.

Have the girls draw Thanksgiving dinner on paper placemats.

Sing fall songs.